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Plastic Raw Materials

As Delanore Group, our business ethic is based on 100% customer satisfaction. To meet this ambitious goal, we are assisting our customers in the supply of all kinds of plastic raw materials, storage and logistics services. In this direction, we are always ready for our customers with our strong supplier relations and wide product range.

Mostly consisting of Polyethylene, Polypropylene (TPP D30S), and their various byproducts, we sell all plastic raw materials. Although the entire globe is within our reach Turkey, Russia, the Middle East, and CIS countries are the major customers for the plastic raw material we sell from Turkmenbashi Oil Processing Complex.


Fertilizers And Urea

Our company buys Urea fertilizer from the Garabogaz Carbamide Factory in Turkmenistan, which is an excellent fertilizer widely used for all kinds of plants to meet their nitrogen needs. Our main customers are from Turkey and the USA.

The convenient geographical location of the facilities on the Caspian coast, with both sea and railway connections, provides a great opportunity for us to offer urea fertilizer to the world markets, so far enabling us to grow rapidly.



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