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Delanore GROUP aims to find delicious and reliable frozen meat products and deliver them to its consumers by researching many countries of the world with its expertise in quality products.

Our company prioritizing trust and transparency is ISO 9001 Certified. We meticulously monitor every stage from farms to your table carefully. We constantly facilitate our HALAL Certification, which ensures that food is produced under Islamic rules and does not threaten human health.

Our processes also have the HACCP(Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certificate, which documents the food safety system and ensures the protection of the critical control points where necessary precautions are taken without compromising on quality and hygiene standards.

Most of our processes today are for the needs of the Turkmenistan Ministry of Commerce and our biggest suppliers are meat producers with high production capacity in India, whose expertise in this field has been proven globally.



We as Delanore Group, believe in the importance of being a human and environment-friendly organization. With this principle, our product range includes frozen poultry meat and sub-products. Following the food safety principles, most of our poultry is from the USA and UK, particularly from poultry farms located in the Northwest region, with facilities providing free access to open space to local animals.

We supply products that have USDA organic certification, are offered for sale in recyclable trays, do not contain GMOs, do not contain antibiotics, do not contain hormones or steroids, to the Ministry of Commerce of Turkmenistan.


Vegetable Oil

Sunflower Oil, a transparent, liquid oil obtained from the seeds of the sunflower plant by refining after processes such as pressing and extraction, is also one of the products that have an important place in our international trade.

Our main suppliers originate from Ukraine and Russia because of their excellent facilities. Having logistics advantages due to their geographical location, our suppliers have a significant share in world markets and are bottling their products under superior technological conditions, deodorized and refined, without any additives at the highest quality.

We sign large deals with our partners and supply the demands of the Turkmenistan Ministry of Commerce.


White Refined Sugar

White Refined Sugar is a daily consumed food, playing a vital role in human life and providing the body with the energy it needs. It is also an important part of our trade. Sugar can be produced from both sugar cane or sugar beet and is the most commonly used nutrient as chemically short-chain, water-soluble carbohydrates. It is the most common food product in modern times, because of its sweet taste. After choosing the products the best products, our company brings them to your table.

Our main sugar suppliers are producers in Azerbaijan, producing completely natural, additive-free, and hygienic products, unlike their global competitors. The end product is extremely white and achieved by processing high-quality raw materials based on modern technology, with an annual substantial production capacity of over 60,000 tons. The annual contracts signed with these producers are covering a good portion of the demand from the Turkmenistan Ministry of Commerce.



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