Established on two continents, with Asia on one side and Europe on the other, Istanbul is one of the oldest and largest cities in the world. Istanbul, the only city in the world with a strait like Bosporus, has always been one of the most important trade centers in the world.

It is the heart of Turkey, the center of finance and tourism.

Crucial in both domestic and foreign trade, Istanbul is one of the most central important cities in the world economy and has a unique strategic position both in air and sea transportation. DELANORE Group holds its management office here. Due to its location, Istanbul is the ambassador of our worldwide trade.


Dubai, an important center for the global business world, is a rapidly growing economy of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai influences world trade by connecting East and West. It hosts the offices of many companies around the world, and important business people because of its strategic position in commercial relations.

We are located in Dubai at the heart of the developing world. We manage the trade network we have established with Central Asia and the West in our office located in the DMCC business center Dubai. We are exploring new markets and commercial relations and wish to establish an effective commercial base in Dubai.

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